Choiseul Chopping Victim, Daughter Forgive Attacker Police Fatally Shot – St. Lucia Times

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Choiseul chopping victim Agatha Frank says she has forgiven the man who brutally chopped her and was later shot dead by the police.

Frank’s daughter, Isha Frank Terrance, has also expressed forgiveness for Sylvester Modeste, her stepfather, who had a relationship with her mother for thirty-eight years.

Isha said her intervention saved her mother’s life.

She told St. Lucia Times the family learned from the autopsy on Friday that Modeste was shot multiple times.

Isha said had Modeste been of sound mind, the attack on her mother would not have occurred.

“My stepfather had no criminal history. People are just making up stories,” she asserted.

She acknowledged that the attack on her mother had caused anger.

However, Isha asserted that regardless of what Modeste did to her mother, the police acted unfairly, as they were supposed to serve and protect.

“Where did they protect and serve him?” She declared.

Isha said the family recognised something was wrong with Modeste about mid-2023.

“We took him to a doctor because he couldn’t sleep and he was hallucinating. So the doctor said most likely it was because of lack of sleep. So they gave him sleeping tablets,” she recounted.

Isha said her stepfather, a farmer, improved, but the problem occasionally reoccurred.

“He was really nice to the kids. He was really nice to my mom, but recently about two to three weeks ago, he started acting up again, always crying, saying that somebody is tormenting him and whatnot,” she told St. Lucia Times.

Isha admitted that the relationship between Modeste and her mother had its ups and downs.

Nevertheless, she said it never posed a danger to anyone.

Isha said the family would not rest until they get justice in the case of her stepfather’s fatal shooting.

Police fatally shot Sylvester Modeste, 53, on Thursday, December 28, 2023, days before he turned 54 on December 31, the family said.

Officers at the Choiseul police station had arrested him after a report that he brutally chopped his partner, Agatha Frank.

According to the police, Modeste sustained the fatal gunshot injuries when he attacked them in an escape bid.

Headline photo: (Left to Right) Sylvester Modeste (Deceased), Agatha Frank and Isha Frank Terrance.