Chastanet: “Join The Campaign To Get Our Roads Fixed!” – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has again taken the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government to task over the state of Saint Lucia’s roads.

“Join the campaign to get our roads fixed,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader urged in a Facebook post.

The former Prime Minister asserted that before leaving office in July 2021, his government had initiated the “largest road reconstruction Programme ever experienced in Saint Lucia”.

“Some of you would remember the famous chant by the SLP that “People don’t eat roads” as their counter to this unprecedented initiative to provide citizens with roads which would reduce their vehicle maintenance costs, improve traveling times and bolster road safety,” Chastanet said.

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But he observed that unfortunately, the new Government has stopped the programme.

According to the Micoud South MP, the result has been that many roads which would have already been completely rebuilt had the projects not been stopped, are now in deplorable condition.

He said a key example is the Rodney Bay Highway.

And Chastanet also mentioned the recently renamed Sir Julian Hunte Highway.

“Have you seen the state of the SLP’s newly renamed Sir Julian Hunte Highway? What an insult to a man that they claim to respect! You deserve better,” the UWP leader declared.

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