Chastanet Criticises ‘Heartless’ SLP Over Its Economic Policies – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Asserting that his United Workers Party (UWP) administration left a proven track record, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has taken the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to task over its economic policies.

On Tuesday, in a televised address, the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister declared that the SLP’s recent decisions have disastrous effects.

Chastanet spoke of the government decisions not to subsidise the cost of gas, allowing the prices to increase, the increase in bus fares, doing nothing about the electricity surcharge and not continuing construction projects.

He also accused the SLP of playing politics with Hewanorra International Airport, St Jude Hospital, and investors.

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“These choices are having a serious knockdown effect to the current state of our economy and to the more vulnerable in our society,” the UWP leader declared.

“While it is clearly in any Government’s purview to change policy, at least change it for the better, instead this heartless administration is raising havoc within households and the business community,” he told his audience.

And the UWP leader questioned how a person earning $1200 would survive with no change in wages.

“If this were a Government that truly puts people first and empathises with people, then how can these policies be justified?” The former PM said.

“Saint Lucia, the day is going to come where all of us, civil society and individuals, are going to have to let our voices be heard,” Chastanet declared.

“The people of Ukraine are literally dying for their independence. It reminds us that we need to appreciate and treasure the freedoms and democracy we have and no longer remain silent,” the UWP leader noted.

“The time will come where we will have to unite as freedom fighters to remind the Government that the people’s parliament will not be silenced,” Chastanet observed.

“Our voices need to be heard before it’s too late,” he stated.

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