Castries Mayor Calls On Private Sector To Invest In Security Cameras – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Castries Mayor Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel has called on the local private sector to invest in security cameras to help in the battle against crime.

“If I had anything to say to the private sector, I would tell them that they have to invest in cameras and surveillance equipment,” the Major told St Lucia Times.

“It must be done because it is the only way that we can capture the information that we need and monitor the City on a twenty-four hour basis,” Landor-Gabriel stated.

She indicated that the battle against crime is not the sole responsibility of the police.

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And regarding investing in surveillance equipment, the Major asserted that the expense would be lower than the loss incurred due to a break-in.

“Sometimes damage to a door is much more costly than what it takes to install a camera. In fact we have been speaking to our vendors about investing in small cameras on their facilities,” Lendor-Gabriel disclosed.

She made the remarks while acknowledging a gift of nine bulletproof vests from Blue Waters St. Lucia Ltd to the City Police.

The Mayor said the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) was reaching out to the local private sector to partner in making the Saint Lucia capital a safer place.

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