CARICOM ‘Gravely Concerned’ Over Haiti’s Deteriorating Security Situation – St. Lucia Times News

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) declared on Monday that the group is ‘gravely concerned’ over continuing deterioration of the security situation and social circumstances in Haiti.

“The continued breakdown in law and order, and its distressing effect on the people of Haiti, is intensifying,” a CARICOM statement observed.

And the statement indicated that the inability of the Haitian security forces to address ongoing violence made the situation worse.

According to CARICOM, the unrest is negatively impacting Haiti’s already weak economy, leading to even more mass demonstrations.

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“Especially the worsening social conditions and the limited availability of food require urgent and immediate attention from the international community,” CARICOM stated.

“This persistently distressing situation is untenable,” the regional grouping observed.

It called for meaningful engagement of all stakeholders to find a way forward, put Haiti first and urgently address the situation.

“CARICOM, following discussions in the past weeks, remains available to assist and work with international partners to mobilize financial and technical resources to facilitate a process towards normalization and ultimately the holding of free, fair and credible general elections,” the statement noted.

The CARICOM statement came against the backdrop of socioeconomic and political chaos in Haiti, as turf wars among rival gangs escalate.

Media reports indicate that as many as 200 heavily armed factions are estimated to be carving up the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The result has been that many areas that had been relatively safe are now engulfed in street warfare and innocent people are being killed in the crossfire.

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