Burglary Suspect Caught In Gros Islet – St. Lucia Times News

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Residents of Monchy, Gros Islet, said they caught a burglary suspect hiding in some bushes during the wee hours of Thursday morning.

A video recording of a man on the ground pleading with his captors appeared on social media.

“I doesn’t do dem kinda things my boss,” the man, a bruise on his right cheek, declares amid angry voices of individuals off-camera.

One of the captors had his foot on the suspect’s chest while the another slapped the captive on the belly.

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A voice urges a rope in the recording to be put around the suspect’s neck.

Someone pulls the noose tighter as the suspect continues to plead.

“Tie him. Tie dah man. A tief you is. Turn him on his stomach. A tief you is,” an irate man declares as the captors use their feet to roll him face-down.

“You all like to tief people ting,” one of the captors declared.

The video ends with the suspect lying face-down on the ground, while a photo showed him bound hand and foot.

Police have confirmed that the suspect is in custody.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy, but a Monchy resident told St Lucia Times that at least four men broke into a workshop in the community at about 12:45 am on Thursday and left with several items.

According to the resident, the men also attempted to break into another residence.

Reports indicate that eventually, community residents who went in search of the perpetrators found one man hiding in some bushes and apprehended him.

There are no further details at this time.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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