Blueface Says Chrisean Rock Left Son At 4 AM To Be With Her Boyfriend

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rapper Blueface says he had to ‘rescue’ his son Chrisean Jr after he was left unattended by Chrisean Rock, who was out celebrating her new boyfriend’s birthday at 4 am.

In a video, Blueface is seen holding the baby, who is wide awake, and claims that the child has ‘no parents’ because Rock decided to leave him with her best friend and babysitter, Marsh.

“It’s crazy my son ain’t got no parent at 4 am. Nobody wana watch him. She got Marsh watching the baby at 4 am in the morning so she could what? Get some d***, do a verse? F*** a n****?” he asked the babysitter. “You a bad parent,” Blueface is heard telling Rock.

In the middle of the drama, Blueface nor the babysitter dressed the baby appropriately for the weather as he was seen wearing just a t-shirt and his Pampers but no hat or socks to cover him.

In the meantime, Karlissa Saffold also weighed in on the entire incident as she told Rock, “Shame on you” for leaving the baby at six (6) weeks to be out in the streets.

“I could leave my baby in the hospital at six weeks but my mama can’t keep the baby at six weeks…What in the hot coochie sh*t is that? Six weeks for overnight?” she asked in a video.

In other messages, Karlissa claimed that Blueface needs to be careful because “it’s a set up I seen my friend do before.”

She also addressed claims by fans about Blueface being charged with kidnapping the baby.

“You can’t kidnap your own baby in California,” one IG story read. “You do not need to [be] on no birth certificate in California. He has that DNA paperwork she gave him.”

Karlissa Saffold IG

In another, she added, “Stop telling me to go get her they baby. She said she don’t never want me with him. His daddy got him. Just pray for the baby and the outcome.”

In the meantime, Chrisean Rock has not yet reacted to Blueface having the baby. Her latest post on social media shows her in the mall shopping with K Sauve for his birthday. She also seemingly threw shots at Blueface as she posted part of lyrics by K Suave where he said, “I’m f**king a n***a baby momma.”