Blueface Mother Apologize To Sexyy Red For Disrespectful Comment

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

The mother of rapper Blueface, Karlissa Saffold, has apologized for disrespecting Sexyy Red, who she dragged last week as “stanky Red” in an Instagram video.

Karlissa is equally annoying as she is messy, and her daily shenanigans are filled with drama as she throws shots at Blueface’s baby mothers, Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock. Taking to her Instagram Live earlier this week, she ranked pretty women in the industry but said Sexyy Red ought to be excluded.

“Stanky Red ain’t [pretty] either. Stanky Red look like my grandma bestie, she barely making it, ok. Stanky Red is like barely. Who else is pretty? Give me some names and I’ll tell y’all who pretty and who cute,” she said.

Sexyy Red, who is friends with Chrisean Rock and Summer Walker, also popped up in the comments to remind Karlissa that Chrisean beat her up in the past for running her mouth too much.

“Didn’t Chrisean knot chu df up,” Sexyy said.

Many persons were not pleased that Karlissa had singled out Sexyy out of the blue to disrespect her. Following the backlash, it seems that Karlissa says she’s apologizing that her “joke” hurt a very pregnant Sexyy.

“It’s been heavy on my heart to apologize to Sexyy Red because she ain’t never did nothing to me and my comedy may have caused her pain. I think you are beautiful and brave in your own special way,” Karlissa wrote on Instagram.

She continued, “I’m sorry for offending you because I’m not after those who never done anything to me. Please forgive me,” she said.

In the meantime, fans were not buying the apology. “In your own special way is still an insult,” one fan said. “She was woman enough to apologize,” another fan defended Karlissa. “You only feel bad because the world went against you. You didn’t feel bad when you said it on live,” another person said.

Karlissa Saffold also announced that she is launching an Only Fans account, which garnered mixed reactions from fans. Some folks think that she is too old and an OF account would be disrespectful towards her adult children. Others believe she is a grown woman who should be able to do what she feels with her life.