Belrose Speaks Out On Treatment Of Saint Lucian Women In Canadian Farm Programme – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The Deputy Chair of the opposition United workers Party (UWP) has spoken out regarding reports of the ill-treatment off Saint Lucian women who went to Canada in that country’s seasonal farm workers programme.

Fortuna Belrose told a news conference on Thursday that the programme had worked well for Saint Lucia, bringing many benefits.

But she admitted that there had been challenges.

Nevertheless, she indicated that there should have been a repository of information on managing the initiative effectively.

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“It is always important that any project we undertake, particularly when it’s the first time we are doing it, that there should be be more due diligence done with respect to the delivery of that particular programme for our women,” the former Minister noted.

And she declared that a UWP administration would have written to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the treatment of local women on his country’s farm workers programmme.

“I could tell you if it were our government in office, we would have written to Mr. Trudeau a long time ago indicating to him that the behaviour meted out to our women is not acceptable,” Belrose stated.

“We needed to be firm on this,” she asserted.

Headline photo: Fortuna Belrose (Stock image)

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