BCF Searches Yield Weapons, Other Contraband – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) conducted a series of searches in recent weeks, resulting in the seizure of improvised weapons, mobile telephones, chargers, and lighters.

The searches also found scissors and stones.

A Home Affairs Department release said the most recent search occurred on March 21, and there were four follow-ups.

The release observed that such measures are critical in maintaining staff safety and security.

On Sunday, a male inmate attacked another with an improvised weapon, resulting in the victim’s hospitalisation.

Deputy Director and Officer in Charge at the BCF Leonard Terrance explained that inmates are using increasingly sophisticated ways of concealing contraband.

However, the BCF has expressed its determination to rid the institution of weapons that could cause serious harm.

Nevertheless, the Department of Home Affairs release quoted Terrance as highlighting another ‘recurring challenge’ the BCF faces.

The problem pertained to people loitering near the prison perimeter.

“One of our greatest challenges that we face at the facility is the number of persons from all over the island who hide in the lush, green, snake-infested vegetation to throw contraband over the unit or the facility,” the BCF official stated.

He revealed that the contraband included cannabis, cigarettes, shoes, alcohol, and lighters.

In addition, Terrance said sometimes people send snacks and juices over the fence.

The Department of Home Affairs has urged the public to refrain from the illegal practices that could result in criminal prosecution.

According to the Department, the BCF has established guidelines for accepting approved items.