As Mid-Terms Gear Up A Caribbean American Voter Leverages Educational Products To Empower The Disenfranchised

CARIBPRWIRE, WASHINGTON D.C., Thurs, January 6, 2022: Caribbean-born, US voter, Juliette Adams, a thought advocate and creator of The Frederick Press, has launched a creative, civic education tri-initiative to empower the politically disenfranchised in the U.S.

Launched on January 1, 2022, Education/Actions/Self-Investments, (EASI), was created within the framework of the Gifted & Magical 95 Percent (G&M 95%) series, a five-book political tool kit.

As Congresswoman Yvette Clarke highlighted at the Caribbean American Voter 2020 Townhall, low self-esteem contributes to the community political apathy, a feeling of powerlessness, and hopelessness, disenfranchisement and damaging the direction of one’s destiny in democracy.

Deployment of an EASI vehicle assists as an educational solution, said Adams.

The Funding vehicles, ‘A Human Capital Star – Civic Education Thought Initiative,’ is on Kickstarter and continues through January 28th.

‘Gifting Knowledge For Democracy Preservation,’ is on GoFundMe and ‘Legislative Input – Powering Economic Democracy,’ on Indiegogo, continues through February.

The community can opt to become revitalizing democracy players through creative and innovative civic education advocacy with the projected mid-term sweep of the House and Senate seats by Republicans.

Adams believes that a fundamental reason for Caribbean-American political firsts is their personalized cultural democracy, strong spirituality, love of freedom, and high education prioritization. Firsts include Caribbean American Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm (D – NY), Vice-President Kamala Harris, whose roots extend to Jamaica, (D), Congresswoman Mia Love, whose roots extend to Haiti, (R – UT) , and Lieutenant Governor-Elect, Jamaican Winsome Sears (R -VA).

EASI also applies to the underserved white community, evident in the September 18, 2021 rally. It highlights the powerful Trademark of Education in competitive politics, as the issue unexpectedly switched the VA governorship to Republican Glenn Youngkin and his running mate, Caribbean American Winsome Sears.

If the Virginia “Education” win directs mid-term campaigns, the Caribbean American community has an EASI route to be recognized for its substantial contributions, and the influence to direct national and regional policy, said Adams.

The Caribbean American thought advocate added: “It manifests Warren Buffett’s words: ‘Philanthropy is harder than business. You are tackling important problems that people with intellect and money have tackled in the past and had a tough time solving. So, the search for talent in Philanthropy should be more important than the search for talent in investment.’”

Educate, Inform, Embolden, Engage/Empower the EASI way, said Adams. “Support an EASI Grassroots Philanthropic Civic Education today.”


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