Alvina Reynolds Calls For Vigilance Amid Violent Crime Surge – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Former Government Minister Alvina Raynolds has called for societal vigilance amid a violent crime surge, including attacks on women.

Reynolds made specific reference to the recent discovery of a partially decomposed body at Lower Morne Road, Castries.

Although police have not identified the deceased, relatives of the missing Sasha Polius believe it’s her.

Reynolds, former Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services, and Gender Relations, also referred to the brutal attack on former Calypso Monarch, Minelle.

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“We have to worry about what is going on with our society,” the government Senator told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Senate on Thursday.

“I want to say to our young women, in particular, our young men as well. But our young women, to please be vigilant. Please do not trust strangers. In this age of technology, you use your phone, you use WhatsApp, you send messages. Let your family members know who you are meeting, what time you are meeting, where you are meeting. If sometimes you send a picture,” the former Babonneau MP stated.

Reynolds also appealed to people to seek help for psychotic family members who are prone to violence against men or women.

“Some of us know our loved ones are violent and we hold it – we do not say it for fear of stigmatisation,” she explained.

But she asserted that people who are mentally ill and violent need to get the necessary help.

At the same time, the former Minister said people need to be vigilant, not trusting to go out and meet strangers or going to parties and social events, not knowing how they will get back home.

According to Reynolds, families need to check on each other whether they live alone or not.

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