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Amidst repeated calls Thursday for local heroes to be honoured during their lifetime, the Alex Bousquet Corner, dedicated to the memory of the late Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS) reporter, was unveiled Thursday with glowing tributes to him.

Formerly dubbed the Aquarius Crossing at the corner of Coral and St Louis Streets, Castries, it was the location where Bousquet did the popular ‘Street Vibes’ programme, aired weekdays during the DBS Evening news.

Among those attending Thursday’s ceremony were friends, well-wishers, and family members of the late reporter, including his mother.

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Members of Bousquet’s DBS Television ‘family’ including Managing Director and Executive Producer of the DBS Newsworld Linda Daher, Housing and Local Government Minister Richard Frederick, and Castries Mayor Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel were also in attendance.

“For us today, it’s not just a recognition of the work of Alex Bousquet but most importantly, it is a recognition of the fact that when we do good work, people appreciate what we do,” the Mayor explained.

Castries Mayor – Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel

She spoke of how Bousquet’s work affected ordinary people whom he provided a forum to express themselves on issues.

And Lendor-Gabriel highlighted the need to recognise local heroes.

“We have many streets in Castries that are named after persons we can’t relate to and yet there are many persons we can relate to, have contributed to the lives of persons in Saint Lucia who can be named,” the Mayor told the ceremony.

Housing and Local Government Minister and Castries Central MP Richard Frederick said he wholeheartedly embraced the idea of the Alex Bousquet Corner when it was presented to him.

Housing and Local Government Minister Richard Frederick

Frederick said he was happy about recognising a citizen who made a ‘tremendously outstanding contribution’ to journalism in Saint Lucia.

“What did he do? He permitted almost on a daily basis to have the average Saint Lucian get an opportunity to be heard by the wider Saint Lucia,” the Castries Central MP observed.

Hildreth Alexander (Alex) Bousquet passed away in October last year.

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