Access to Guyana Business Services now online

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promises to be easy, fast and hassle free

International Business Services and PositivePlans, a technology solutions company on Tuesday launched, a digital solution promising to offer easy, fast, and hassle-free business services online.

The service was launched via Zoom and was attended by a cross-section of Guyanese residing in Guyana and the diaspora including several professionals, business entities, professional services companies, accountants, engineers, labour officers, attorneys and businesspersons.

An overview of the portal and its business services was presented by Salaudeen Nausrudeen, the developer and CEO of PositivePlans.

In his remarks, Nausrudeen said, “GuyanaLegal is an accelerator and a facilitator for Guyana’s rapidly expanding economy and is a significant step in the direction of the ease of doing Business in Guyana.”

PositivePlans has a solid history of technology development in Guyana and the Caribbean which includes,, and many more. GuyanaLegal took his team twelve months to develop after significant consultations with professionals and investors in Guyana.

Nausrudeen, who has extensive knowledge of technology and process commented that, “Guyana must embrace and adopt technology if it wants to be a competitive investment destination.  Platforms like GuyanaLegal are used every day around the world, and allow for doing business easily and in comfort without any hassle and unknowns.”

GuyanaLegal offers a full application experience for many business services and is well-suited for Guyanese in the diaspora and investors who are looking for “accessibility, predictability and reliability”.

Representatives from the diaspora who were present shared the view that this is exactly what they were waiting for. They said this platform brings ease, speed, efficiency and transparency to the diaspora in their pursuit of accessing services in Guyana.