ABLP government told to Immediately Pay Back Pay & Offer A Fair Wage Increase

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Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell wants the ABLP administration to Immediately Pay Government Workers’ Back Pay & Offer A Fair Wage Increase

Lovell said: The government workers have been crying out since 2018 for a salary increase and for back pay, which is due to them.

We challenge the Labour Party government to match the 17% increase given under the UPP administration, during our time in office.

And we roundly condemn the paltry offer of a total of 7% offered by the government to public servants.

This represents a mere 2% on the interim increase of 5%, which was granted in 2018.

We are of the view that a government which has collected the sums collected by this administration, compared to what the United Progressive Party collected, where we were able to grant a total increase over our two terms of 17%…

This administration has placed on the table, for public servants to consider, a total of 7% – 5% which was granted in 2018, and 2%, which they are now offering.

We also call on the Prime Minister to respect the negotiating process. The negotiating team has officially offered 2% on the 5%.

They said it would be 1% for 2019 and 1% for 2020. However, on his radio program, the Prime Minister said that the offer was an additional 4%. This has never been communicated to the unions, at 4%.

However, if that were to be granted and agreed upon, there are public servants who will not get even an extra $100 per month.

In fact, a junior clerk at an additional 4%, they would get about $60 more per month on their salary. A permanent secretary who occupies the highest rung on ladder would get an additional $329 per month on their salary.

We are of the view that our public servants deserve better. And the UPP administration calls on the government to give to the unions a realistic offer that can be seriously discussed.

Given the impact of inflation, the deterioration in their standards of living and quality of life, we see that what has been offered by this administration is certainly not enough.

If as the prime minister states, however, that the salary increase has been delayed due to a protracted negotiating process, we call on the government to immediately pay the back pay, which is due and which is not dependent on the negotiating process.”