4 murders in Southern Division

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TWO men were gunned down at King’s Wharf in San Fernando on Saturday night, hours after a fish vendor’s bullet-riddled body was found in the sea near the wharf.

Police have identified the double homicide victims as Joshua Codrington, 27, and Kerry “Mamoo” Perrot, 30, the latter who was a hustler who stayed at the wharf. Another man, Simon De Vignes, 26, was shot and wounded in the same incident.

About three hours before the double homicide, a 22-year-old man from Marabella was stabbed to death and another was wounded in the same incident.

The double homicide happened at around 9 pm. Police said gunshots rang out and people later found the two bodies on the ground.

At around 4 am on Saturday, the body of Ricky “Flay Guard” Worrell was seen floating in the Gulf of Paria. The body was brought to shore and the police and the DMO observed what appeared to be gunshot wounds to Worrell’s chest and back.

His pick-up van was parked nearby. Worrell, of Marabella, worked as a fish vendor at the wharf.

The police could not say if both sets of murders were linked.

Meanwhile, Tyrone Howe, 22, of Kitchener Street in Marabella, was stabbed to death at around 7 pm at the Marabella Recreation Ground at Battoo Avenue. Another resident, identified as Mikel Rawlins, 22, was also stabbed but survived.

Police said he was in critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

A police report said Rawlins was walking near the recreation ground and heard Howe screaming.

Rawlins ran to try to help Howe who was stabbed several times. But the suspect turned on Rawlins and stabbed him twice in the chest before running off.

Howe, who was a labourer, died at the scene.

Southern Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police, including Sgt Bridgemohan, WPC Ransome and PC Sirkissoon, went to the scene and gathered evidence.

On Sunday, Howe’s relatives declined to speak with media personnel.

The police do not have motives for the murders.